Workwear For Women in Construction Industry

Although every company is different, civil engineers typically wear business casual attire. Women wear a Madison Boatneck Blouse with dark pant and Men wear a Preston Long Sleeve Shirt with Chino Pant. In the field, civil engineers wear a polo shirt, jeans with a safety vest and a hard hat. For many organisations, corporate clothing and protective workwear is a crucial consideration. It is important to select clothing for your workers that is appropriate for their role and fits well. 

In some professional industries, the administrator are aware about the difference exists between the number of males and females employed in certain roles. Whilst women may dominate professions such as childcare and veterinary services, statistics show that women make up only 12% of the Australian construction workforce, and considerably less “on the tools” job at building sites and this can be result in women’s workwear requirements being treated as secondary. It must be acknowledge that no matter what the ratio is, the manufacturers and suppliers need to consider female workers when making and selecting work clothing for the construction industry.

The Important of Women Fit Workwear!

Workwear uniform and Persona Protection Equipment (PPE) that fits women properly it is a fundamentally and has benefits for the employees and the company they work for.

The correct fit makes women look and feel professional, bolsters morale and productivity, and maintains the company image. It also ensures women in hazardous roles are suitably protect. Employees are far more likely to adhere to uniform and PPE policies if they have no reservations about the clothing and equipment provided. Female-fit workwear and protective clothing is a step towards gender equality and helps women to feel they are cared for equally in the workplace.

The one-size-fits-all (or one-fit-suits-all) mentality is no longer appropriate for industries that are seeing growing numbers of females entering professions previously dominated by males. According to the Victoria’s Women in Construction Strategy, Building Gender Equality: How the Victorian Government plans to achieve greater representation of women in construction.

Why Syzmik Workwear Brand for Women in Construction Industry?


Syzmik is an Australian leading workwear brand specialising in technologically advanced Industrial Workwear from 1998. Fabric quality and compliance to safety standards is of paramount importance. Under continuous strict testing for safety compliance, durability, and comfort, the Syzmik range has been developed to not only meet but also exceed the needs of hardworking men and women in the workplace across a variety of industries. Syzmik will continue to grow and develop more quality products using innovative fabrics and technologies that are continually subject to stringent testing to ensure safety and reliability for those whose lives and livelihoods depend on it.

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